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The charity’s goal is to improve the education and the living environment of Gambian children in Gambia. Gambia To School is an independent non-profit charity and works with volunteers.

Everything the charity undertakes should satisfy the wishes and needs of the people themselves. From the start, the local community was involved in the planning and implementation. This resulted in an enormous involvement and enthusiastic co-operation of the villagers.

Starting points

Gambian culture – everything the charity undertakes should fit within the unique Gambian culture. The charity stimulates the preservation of the Gambian culture

Continuity – everything that is initiated should be possible to implement and the continuity of the support should be visible.

Involvement – the local community should feel involved and co-responsible for the progress and success of the projects.

Independence - the help of the charity should not make the people dependent but should lead to self-reliance, taking own responsibility and gaining bigger chances and more choices. The charity should create the basic conditions for this.

In the meantime, due to the initiatives of the charity, the living circumstances of the children in Madiana have been improved considerably. See for details the section Newsletters and Results.