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J&M Roots Nurseryschool
J&M Roots Nursery School

Since February 2008, the Gambia to School Foundation has existed for one year. Suleyman Colly, founder and teacher in the school, has done a lot of work during the past year.
This was made possible by the support of the donors and for this we – also on behalf of Suleyman and the pupils - would like to say a big thank you to everybody!

The Gambia to School Foundation supports the J&M Nursery School. This school fulfils a big demand in Madiana village. The pupils, who are between 3 and 7 years old, are prepared for the primary education. The school is also of significant importance for the income of the families. During the time the children are in school the mothers can sell their products on the market in the city, which enables them to earn a small income. Regrettably, the government does not supply this facility. The children learn English and Maths in school and do sport every day.

The parents pay a small fee to have their child in school. The children are educated for this and get a healthy lunch each day. The fact that the pupils get lunch every day is an important argument for poor families to send their child to school every day. One worry less if you regularly don’t have enough money to feed your child properly.