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What has been achieved with your support during the past year:

- Suleyman, together with his friends, built a wall around the school grounds. A wall is indispensible to grow crops for the daily lunch. Without the wall, the vegetable garden would be trampled on and plundered by all kinds of animals.

- The vegetable garden had been laid out and the vegetables from the garden are used to prepare lunch for the children.

- The yard wall means the children now also have a safe playground.

- We have purchased educational materials and toys, like exercise books, English reading cards, notebooks, writing material, footballs, skipping-ropes and t-shirts for the two soccer teams.

- Suleyman receives a monthly salary, so for the first time in his life he can make a living.

- The children receive a daily lunch. This is prepared by a woman from the village and paid for by the charity.